“A dreamlike experience.”

I am over the moon with the results of Ingrid’s organisational skills in my home. Being a busy single mum with a full time job-finding the time to declutter was near enough impossible and a very daunting task. 

With Ingrid’s encouragement, focus and professionalism, an otherwise stressful and daunting task was both invigorating and life changing. Ingrid also left me with the skills and knowledge to maintain organisation in my home. Overall this has been a very uplifting experience for me and has bought calm and order to my normally hectic lifestyle.

— Kate T.

“I can’t wait until next time!”

Ingrid introduced her de-cluttering service ID_Professional Organiser at a God given time, the recent loss of my mother. Her house and especially her bedroom being full of items which I had tried clearing on previous occasions, but given the sheer volume of items in her room, I thought it would be an impossible task.

Ingrid’s can do attitude at a very sensitive time along with the transformation coupled with the education she gave to whole area based de-cluttering, changed the whole feel to the upstairs of house. The flow of energy and the lightness is now a huge feature.

I cannot thank her enough for the life she has brought back from just transforming this one room. 

I do look forward to completing this transformation of the whole of my late mum’s property, which is a big task, but with ID_Professional Organiser on board, it will be one of reward and continued education.

— Rodney T.

“Amazing transformation!”

Hi Ingrid,

Thank you so much for your great support.  I really appreciate your approach of 'making space', rather than simply 'decluttering'.  Even though I'm only partway through the process, I already feel like I have more space, most importantly inside myself.  It's been challenging to let go of things and go through my belongings in a detailed way, but it is definitely bringing clarity.  Our talk before starting the process was clarifying and motivating, as was the 'assignment' to write about what I want and need from this work.  Having you pick a starting place and literally sit with me, going through things, supporting me to decide what to keep (and not) and designing new ways of organising have made all the difference - they've helped me do this process that I've been avoiding for a long time!  You've listened well and been able to find what works for me.  I'm excited that soon we'll be finished with this amazing transformation!

—- Christie C.